An online resource that provides play workers, teachers and volunteers with games and support to help them get children active through play.

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What are the benefits of play?

Play has been proven to be a great way to give children a positive introduction to an active way of life and all benefits that come with it. Aside from the health and wellbeing benefits, it’s fun and everyone can get involved!

Based on the PLAY>LEARN>CONNECT system, this website has been designed to support the play workers, school and nursery staff, teachers and volunteers who have the chance to effect real change in children’s lives.

The resources within have been designed to support the delivery of the Go2Play Active Play programme, delivered in Scotland by community charities in conjunction with primary schools however we welcome anyone to join our active play community.

A bank of active play games is provided to assist with the planning of sessions. All of the games have been designed to be fun, inclusive and active to ensure they deliver physical activity benefits to all children while remaining playful. Games can be saved to the user’s profile, viewed on a mobile device, shared or printed to make them as easy to use as possible. READ MORE.
Information and E-learning resources related to active play and children’s physical activity are also available on the website. Resources are available for all and designed to be relevant, engaging and build confidence and knowledge. A wide range of topics are covered from physical literacy through to how to adapt games sessions to ensure they remain fun, inclusive and active. There are also quizzes which users can use to test their knowledge, gain points and work their way up the PLAY>LEARN>CONNECT leader board. READ MORE.
Users can share, discuss and collaborate through the Connect function. Each user has a profile through which they can share ideas, feedback, photos, videos and links with groups or the whole active play network. This is also the place where users can tell us what games work well, what they would like to know more about and how we can offer further support. READ MORE.

The Active Play site is currently in Beta mode meaning that we are undertaking live user testing and continually developing the features of the site. As a result, you may occasionally come across bits of the site that aren't working perfectly. We need your help to find these bugs and welcome your feedback, ideas and suggestions as we refine the features and content of the site with the aim of creating a valuable resource for the play and physical activity sector.

Find out more about the Go2Play Active Play programme and the partners who have contributed to the development of the site.